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Dear visitor,

My name is Kinga Nemeth.
I got my first Afghan Greyhound in1997. Her name was Faricka Szahadi Szizdra (Afi).. Afi was an exhibition dog. As I wasn''t an expert in exhibitions we took part in two of them only. I've learnt a lot of things about Afghans how to live them together. I've been learning new things with the help of my sports fellows from Hungary and some foreigners although quite a few years passed since then.

I had another lovely dog, a German Dog Mount Rusemor Dorina in 1997. This breed is totally different  from the Afghan nevertheless they were good friends.
Unfortunately we had say a farewell to Afi on 11th February 2005. Dorina's health was getting worse rapidly although she was still living with us. I missed Afi very much and I wanted to have another Afghan. Dorina followed Afi in that summer as well.
I called Peter Kottra and Szilvia Bodnar a few months later after Afiss death to say I needed a puppy again. Luckily for me a lot of puppies were born on 21st March 2005 and they also had a blue bitch. And as fate would have it this dog called Hakhyra is Afi's „niece and she became our dog.
So this is the story how I became the owner of Hakhyra and since then she's been making our days merry and bright.
Due to the fact that I deal with dogs I have made a large number of friends throughout the globe who help me and support me to make my dreams come true.
Especially many thanks to Peter Kottra and Szilvia Bodnar. Lilla Telekes whom I got to know at one of the exhibitions, became my girlfriend.I hope I can take pride in my results int he future and can also share my joy with you as visitor of my website.

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